Razor bumps

Razor bumps.  Ingrown hairs.  The medical term is pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB). It’s characterized by inflammatory bumps that develop around the hair follicle after hair removal, especially shaving.  Men with curly hair and darker skin types are most prone to PFB in their beard area, but it can affect anyone, including womens’ bikini line, armpits, andContinue reading “Razor bumps”


 Many people think about acne as an adolescent problem, which it certainly is: 85% of teens and young adults suffer from acne.  What is more commonly recognized is that it’s also an adult problem.  35% of women and 20% of men reported having acne in their 30s.  26% of women and 12% of men reportedContinue reading “Acne”

Fragrance Avoidance

Fragrance Free: I insist on fragrance-free products (moisturizers, soap, laundry detergent) for my patients with eczema because fragrance is one of the most common sources of allergic contact dermatitis to which they are predisposed.  There is a second reason to avoid fragranced products: they may contain hidden phthalates, which are in the category of endocrineContinue reading “Fragrance Avoidance”

Dandruff Shampoos

The shampoos  The mainstay of treatment for dandruff is a topical antifungal shampoo.  Many of the shampoos that fight yeast in seborrheic dermatitis also help scalp psoriasis, possibly because the antifungal agents are also inherently anti-inflammatory.  There are so many over the counter products– I hope this summary helps guide your search for your go-toContinue reading “Dandruff Shampoos”

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff It’s itchy.  It’s flaky. It’s white all over your black clothes.  You’re showering and washing your hair, but you worry that others are judging your hygiene based on the desert sandstorm that has accumulated on your shoulders.  Trust me, I know; I’ve been there. The most common cause of dandruff is a skin conditionContinue reading “What is Dandruff?”