Medical Illustration & Fine Art

Chartrain AG, Hom D, Bederson JB, Mocco J, Kellner CP. Intracavitary ultrasound (Icarus): a neuroendoscopic adaptation of intravascular ultrasound for intracerebral hemorrhage evacuation. BMJ Case Rep. 2017;2017.
Brain star: limbic system and the Milky Way, 2017 (36″x48″, acrylic on canvas)
Brain star detail
Kellner CP, Chartrain AG, Schwegel C, Oxley TJ, Shoirah H, Mocco J. The bumper technique for advancing a large profile microcatheter. BMJ Case Rep. 2017;2017.
San Francisco, Oil on Canvas, 2012
New York Public Library, Oil on Canvas, 2012
Lenox Ave, Harlem, NY, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

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