How to use dandruff shampoos

I want to emphasize how to use the medicated anti-dandruff shampoos.  

  • Apply it to your scalp (for ladies and gentlemen with long hair, no need to coat the entire coif, which may be drying).
    • If you have curly, dry, or color treated hair, put conditioner the ends of your hair before applying the shampoo to your scalp in order to protect your strands from the shampoo, which can be drying.  
  • Make sure to use your hands to mechanically scrub the scalp to remove dead skin.  
  • Leave it on for approximately five minutes before rinsing off. 
  • Rinse.  No need to repeat.  (Not sure why so many shampoo bottles say this!  It’s not necessary, unless you have a ton of buildup of product/oil on your scalp).  
  • After this step, you are free to use any conditioner you love to moisturize those locks.  
  • I tell my patients to do this at least three times a week for one month then continue to do this about once a week as a maintenance therapy, since dandruff tends to be a chronic condition.  Note that people with curly hair (like me!) may choose to shampoo on a less frequent schedule as their hair is more dry and susceptible to breakage.

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