Sun Protective Clothing

I’d like to think I look glamorous in my hat, big sunglasses, and long sleeve UV protective shirt, but they also allow me to enjoy the outdoors safely.  I recommend a wide brim hat for coverage of ears and neck that is labelled as UV protective.  Sunglasses protect eyelid skin, which is very thin and susceptible to sun damage, as well as your eye itself which is at risk for UV-related cancers like ocular melanoma.  Make sure your sunglasses are labelled with UVA/UVB protection and choose a larger frame for a greater surface area of protection. Lastly, it is worth investing in some sun protective clothing.  Now there are affordable clothing specifically designed to be both lightweight and UV-protective (since summer fabrics like cotton and linen provide almost no sun protection).  Keep these items in the car, which is a prime time for sun damage (window glass blocks UVB but not UVA rays).  Click here to see what sun damage from driving looks like. Below are some of my preferred brands for UV protective (UVP) clothing:

  1. Coolibar: from cover ups to hats, everything is at least UPF 50:
  2. Solumbra has many items, including this zip up that I own and love that protects the top of your hands, an often forgotten site
  3. UPF 50 hats from Helen Kaminski: an investment, but timeless
  4. Athleta: UVP clothing for women,15682852,flyout_swim_upfrashguardscoverups&clink=15682852
  5. Land’s End swimwear, including their $40 rashguards, which I wear for swimming and as a cover up when running outside
    1. Women:
    2. Men:
  6. REI has many sun protective items, including hats for both men and women from a variety of brands (check the label/description to ensure it’s UV protective)
    1. Women:
    2. Men:

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